Jeff Abbott
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"Jeff Abbott" (born 1963) is a U.S. suspense novelist. He has a degree in History and English from Rice University. He lives in Austin, Texas. His early novels were traditional detective fiction, but in recent years he has turned to writing Thriller (genre)/thriller fiction. A theme of his work is the idea of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary danger and fighting to return to their normal lives. His novels are published in several countries and have also been bestsellers in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and France.

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[And now that he's graduated to hardcover and 11-city book tour status, he's found there's a real advantage to the standalone novels that Dutton suggested he write.] You can explore broader themes in a standalone novel, ... You can put your character through much greater levels of hell.

I had started writing the fourth Whit Mosley book, ... I was 40 pages into it, and then Dutton asked me if I would consider writing a standalone. The series novel can do a lot to build a loyal readership, but the standalone is sometimes easier for the publisher to market to a broader audience.

You can't be a professor and talk out of a textbook to teach locomotive operations. You can't create the end product without hands-on training.

We do something like this every year. Then this catastrophe hit, and it seemed like the obvious choice to help.

He is singularly unequipped to beat these people.