"Jay Frank" is an American author and music industry executive. He is the owner of DigSin, a new digital record label that distributes content free to subscribers

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They set every play for him. He hit some tough shots.

For most music fans, it's in their nature to find and enjoy something that's new and exciting. There's nothing more thrilling than hearing a song for the first time and you enjoy it so much that you have to hear it 20 more times.

They didn't sign their name, but I wish they did. We'll look into it.

When more people like (a song), it gets pushed to more people.

To have four in a month, that's a little unusual.

The reason for that is if you have a break-in we know who the key holder is and we can call them so that they can respond.

It's just been good coaching and good teamwork and good camaraderie and the belief that we can win. It doesn't matter what the name of our school is, we believe in ourselves.

We are strongly looking at the fact that these may be related.

We had some fear that this might happen.