Hopefully, it will be sooner than later.

He is a tough kid and hung in there and played well.

We have people out in the middle of nowhere come here and are on death's doorstep.

Who knows what the face of this team is going to look like next year? Winning six in a row ending in December isn't going to do a thing for you come next September. A lot of stuff happens.

We didn't make the playoffs. We definitely did a better job this year, but we still didn't make the playoffs.

I guess that is the future, huh. That means that we will be out of here pretty soon. . . . Hopefully, those guys will pan out and have the careers that Sam (Madison) and Zach (Thomas) have had. It would be great for them and the organization.

I'm not a Patriots fan, either. I know I sound like one [but] I tell everyone not to sleep on the Patriots in the playoffs.

We're not good enough to overcome killing ourselves all the time. But we're getting there.