Jason Simpson
FameRank: 5

" Jason Simpson " is the current head coach of the Tennessee–Martin Skyhawks football team. He became the head coach in 2006.

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There were lots of aggravating points in the game. But yeah, that was one.

With the US out today, volumes are pretty low.

Execution was the problem. We had a good game plan. We made adjustments. We just didn't execute. We had way too many mental errors and they turned into critical errors.

The fact that they have finally announced a deal has been taken as a mild positive for the bond market.

We went back to our basics, and it really paid off for us. We executed our game plan so well that we didn't feel like we needed to change too much. We just needed more takeaways. We practiced it all week and we tried to get them out in the game, and it just didn't happen. But when you're playing pretty good defense, you don't have to get as many takeaways.

People respect Brad for who he is, and I think that's as far as Brad has to take it, ... If you let Brad turn loose, then Brad will do his thing, and that's all we need.

I think we knew Baskett was good, but we didn't think they were going to utilize him as well as they did. Moore was definitely where we put a lot of our focus this week and we just probably didn't give Baskett enough respect.

Defensively, we've just got to stop them, eventually we have to stop them. We didn't even have a takeaway. I don't think we had any. Whenever Mizzou gets two or three or less takeaways, we hardly ever win.