"Jamie White" is an United States/American radio personality and actress who is most notable for having hosted mornings on KYSR/KYSR Star 98.7 in Los Angeles for nearly nine years. Initially hired by a Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas City radio station, she took a string of broadcasting jobs that had led to her former job at KYSR.

Jamie White has also played a part in a few movies, her largest movie role being an MTV VJ/VJ and groupie in the 2001 movie Rock Star (2001 film)/Rock Star Jamie's best friend, Heidi Mark, was also in that movie). She's also had a few appearances on TV shows including Rock Star: Supernova when she interviewed a group of final contestants, including some bickering with winner Lukas Rossi.

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Each team must have six players on the court at all times, with at least three females. Teams will pay for those six players and can list subs on the event registration form as long as those substitute players are listed on the main company roster.

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