James Yee
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"James J. Yee" (born c. 1968) is an United States/American former United States Army chaplain with the rank of Captain (land)/captain. He is best known for being subject to an intense investigation by the United States, but all charges were later dropped.

Yee, a Chinese American, was born in New Jersey and raised in Springfield Township, Union County, New Jersey/Springfield Township, where he attended Jonathan Dayton High School. Yee graduated from West Point in 1990. Shortly afterward, he converted from Lutheran Christianity to Islam in 1991, undergoing religious training in Syria and meeting his wife Huda, a Palestinian people/Palestinian, with whom he now has one child.

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I am a patriotic, loyal American, ... I am not a terrorist nor am I a spy.

It's important to realize we live in historical times, ... What happened to me could happen to anyone here tonight.

I never had a single document of classified information, all of the criminal charges against me were dropped.

How could this happen in America? ... I hope my story ? will prevent what happened to me from ever happening again.

Whether or not the law is passed, no one should be subjected to cruel or unusual punishment while in custody of the United States government.

Most people say 'You're never getting an apology,' but I'm still fighting for one.

My story is a warning to all people here in the country that the current approach to waging war on terrorism from within our own borders is truly a threat to civil liberties.

West Point has the reputation for producing leaders, and it produces patriotic men and women who want to serve the country, ... And it produced me.

You saw the news when I was put into prison, ... But what happened to the news when I was out?