This is an idea that is working fabulously.

That's what they call these people from California and Nevada. They bought a home in 1975 in Santa Monica for $110,000. It's now worth $800,000. They've paid it off. What they plan on doing is taking the money out and retiring.

There was electricity just going and going like a wave. It just kept on going wave after wave.

Every state except Massachusetts was represented. As baby boom demographics have converged with equity refugees and low interest rates, Sun Belt communities have benefited.

To me, this is just what I do. But I've had a lot of people just thank me, which is very rewarding.

In absolute terms there has been no period like the past three years in Washington County history. It's a frenzy. That's all anyone talks about is housing prices and how much money they have made.

We're an agricultural, rural community. It's a natural fit for us.

There has always seemed something grim to me about Mary McCarthy's dogged insistence on remaining angry for 40 years.