If there's anything going on in a particular bar and it's not the atmosphere I want or be in, I have a choice to go to a different bar.

It's why I joined the Coast Guard, to do things like this to help people.

This is truly a desperate situation.

Even with those advances most manufacturers are not making a great deal of money and customers aren't happy, ... Lean consumption involves solving customers' problems completely, not wasting their time, providing exactly what the customer wants, in a location they prefer and a timeframe they need. And finally it is helping customers reduce efforts to solve their own set of problems.

There's a whirlpool developing with a drain down at the bottom, and no one is sure where it goes. It just seems to be swirling faster and faster, and everyone touching this thing is afraid they're going to be sucked in.

Toyota is the biggest worrier on the planet.

I think people just need to grow up a little bit and start taking responsibility for themselves and not complain because their neighbor is doing something that don't agree with.

It makes perfect sense, but I think people should be free to choose.

I can wait three months, but I meant three months.