[The] play of limbs succeeds the play of wit.

Hence, dear delusion, sweet enchantment hence!

Midnight, yet not a nose From Tower Hill to Piccadilly snored!

In the name of the Prophet - figs.

I think almost every single house in Lamar County has damage. We just don't know the extent of the damage.

Every kid in the family, besides Marvel, left the house by the age of 16. There was less stress living on our own than trying to survive in the environment we were in. I don't know how Marvel did it. He spent his time playing football, but the cards were stacked against him.

The benefits of this ruling will ripple across our communities by encouraging greater investment in and a wider roll-out of broadband networks.

But only after they apologize first for exercising their free speech, is that correct?

We were able to give several thousand people water and ice. We're hoping the supply will last seven days. We can extend that.