The markets should have held on to gains after the jobs report, ... What we're seeing is definitely a reaction to the terror threat level being raised.

Right now I think the expectation is that a lot of these companies are meeting muted estimates. I think you'll see earnings guided higher, but that outlooks will be tempered.

I just see a lot of listless trading into the end of the summer -- there isn't much conviction.

Everyone was looking for a war that was going to be over very quickly, and it's not appearing that way.

When the economic numbers are all skewed in one direction, that brings up the Fed again.

I think we're just buying off weakness, ... A lot of the gains we're seeing are related to index-related buying. People are bargain-hunting and taking advantage of the momentum.

[The October jobs report] is one we're looking at, especially after the claims report today, ... It could be more significant in which way the Fed will go next time.

The numbers were nothing too special, it wasn't the most optimistic reading, ... We're just seeing a lot of resilience today. Some people are coming back in and buying on the new quarter.

I think there's a little bit of optimism here today -- you can take one eye off Iraq and start to focus more on the economy and earnings.