We believe that the warrant itself was unconstitutional.

UMR makes efforts to gather regular input on satisfaction but that is not as comprehensive of an exercise as is analyzing a market's preferences regarding products, services, satisfaction, and price.

It is also important that we offer as good of value in our services as is practical. That is the underlying reason for an evaluation such as this, to look for possible ways to improve our ability to offer a preferred service.

We're just in shock and disbelief. This is a heavy (situation) ... It's stunning. (The allegations) came out of the blue.

But I'm still not totally satisfied.

We knew who the individual was. We knew the type of vehicle he was driving. He went by the location where we were standing, where he had previously dumped all the trash.

I make dance music, or disco, ... And dance music isn't really about anything. I can tell if it's working: 'Are people dancing? Yes.' Then I've achieved my goal.

Past food service bid processes have lasted between nine and 12 months. During this process, a considerable amount of time is spent upon gathering input regarding service and price preferences from various elements of the campus. These inputs are then balanced and included in the bid specifications.

It's been sealed for four months. It should become public record at this time.