People we had been playing were keying in on Lyons. We have people we thought could step up and make some plays.

Just the fact that we're here means we don't have paralysis by analysis. The folks on the ground have done an absolutely great job trying to take care of everything they possibly can.

Honestly hoping that we'd make it farther than they did. And I wished that they had made it all the way home.

Committed to seeking a peaceful Korean Peninsula that is free of nuclear weapons.

I guess you almost have to thank the Columbia crew. The sacrifices they made allowed us to get a lot smarter about it, get a lot of tools on board that we could use to look at the vehicle.

B.B. King said, 'Never make your move too soon,' .

The first step on the road home to the Kennedy Space Center .

We wouldn't change a thing, ... We think it is great. We will be ready to fly tomorrow.

He that has a mickle nose thinks everybody is speaking of it.