With the mass flooding they had in New Orleans dental records will probably be non-obtainable, medical records are out, so that I guess the only thing that they could do would probably be DNA testing.

As long as it is like it is and they tell me not to go back I'm here. I'd rather be up here anyway.

Probably a little too ambitious. It certainly is in terms of how slow the industry is moving in terms of providing the service.

The (stock) market is saying gee, we were kind of hoping the Fed would say that the economy's doing so well that we don't need to cut rates right now.

They told me I had to leave. I tried to hang in there.

This is a hard sell. This is not an easy sell. I can't blame them to a certain degree, but we've got to stop being so tied to one party.

The city's gone. It's gone.

We wish there were more. But you have to start somewhere.

We don't want to encourage people to swing from the fences, ... If we're talking investment, we're talking longer-term.