Clearly, [techs] are very volatile.

CIS enjoys ever-expanding adoption by developers across a wide variety of vertical markets that need to manage and access their vital business information in disparate data sources across geographical locations. With this latest release, we've answered customer requirements for expanded flexibility and fine-tuned performance to deliver an even more robust solution.

Would be sensitive about the abuses people might try to do with the law. Military personnel could only be charged for what they had done, not what some people might think they represent.

I thought I'd have some good news. It's really depressing.

Babies can be very stressful to take care of. The crying and the pooping are extremely hard for some people to tolerate.

It's sad when you do everything you can possibly do to try to maintain the quality and try to maintain your ability to . . . and nothing you do works.

We've really been dedicated, and it's a heartfelt loss.

It's probably a very nominal amount.

One thing that we're working on is team defense. They work hard, communicate and get everybody involved. It kind of looks like a storm out there sometimes.