Most came from Texas, but about 150 cyclists from across the world also signed up. They come to us from everywhere - from Trinidad and Australia to England, Scotland and all points in between.

Everyone gets one for the cost of living - even school board members.

[For Dear Brutus , Boyd and Alley mainstay and resident company actor James Black received rave reviews. Variety described Boyd's production as] finely calibrated, haunting, ... gives the production its human center.

We've been concentrating on the power play. Right now, we have the right power-play combination.

I am concerned. When you have a team that works hard, I am concerned.

This is what this team has been focused on all season. It means even more to be the first (boys) team to do it, especially with all the publicity the football team gets.

The last couple of games, he has been tested and done extremely well.

We have the experience, to where I feel comfortable in any situation.