"Jacob "Jake" Dowell" is an United States/American professional ice hockey Centre (ice hockey)/center currently playing for the Hamilton Bulldogs of the American Hockey League (AHL).

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It's back to the pond hockey days when we played on outdoor rinks when I was little and wore five layers of everything. I couldn't feel my toes and I couldn't feel my hands. It'll be the same feeling there, but it'll definitely be worth it. I'll be so excited I probably won't even be worried about how cold it is.

Everything considered, it's really something that you can't really explain how excited guys are. Even guys who aren't from Wisconsin, they want to see how the Packers fans are and the tradition of Lambeau Field.

Guys weren't happy about it. So I think it's definitely a sense of urgency to get our second half of the year started on a good note and win our own tournament.

Even though in our league and in college there's no fighting, when he's a professional, that'll definitely be part his role. He's just playing the game hard. He'll do whatever it takes for his team to win and be successful. I think that's a good reputation to have.

Wisconsin hasn't won a championship in a long time and the United States had never had a championship at that point for the World Juniors. I think it's the same type of feeling that we have a chance to do something special for Wisconsin.

It was to our advantage to see Minnesota lose last night. To see them get upset like that made us bear down and realize that we can't let this happen to ourselves. We had to make sure that didn't happen.