Jacque Vaughn
FameRank: 4

"Jacque Vaughn" is an American former professional basketball player and head coach who most recently coached the Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Our best players trusted that I would shoot the ball and knock down shots. It feels good and builds a team kinship that helps us now and down the line.

I think we were soft. And because of that, it made us a step slow with our feet and our minds.

I think over the past 20 games or so the bench has done a good job of being sharp and focused. And this is an opportunity to continue that.

We all played a role.

I think he's been playing inspired basketball. He's done a great job of playing point guard for their team, scoring points as well as getting them into the offense. He's just capitalizing on the opportunity.

One play like that, even if it's a five point swing, shouldn't determine the outcome of the game.

Vince Carter has been a constant for us and just a guy that we have counted on the entire year. His ability to get into the lane and create for himself and others is an important part of our team.