I thought getting that first goal helped us get jacked up a bit.

I was worried that we were getting back into the snake-bitten mode again. The second period I thought we shot it into his chest a lot.

I remember him telling me he was a linebacker at the Kent School [in high school]. And he'd be fending guys off and making tackles during the course of a football game and come Monday, his forearms would be so swelled up, he couldn't hold a pen. He just thought he wasn't tough enough.

The thing that jumped out at me most all weekend was how hard Northeastern played against us, what a great effort they made in both games. We had to really dig deep in the third period to win both games.

I thought Curry was fabulous down the stretch. They were really stepping up on us and we weren't getting much time down on the other end, so he had to really stand tall.

This team is a handful. They'll scare anyone with their offense. Look at the teams they've beat.

Well, they all have computers so they knew we were going to get a No. 1 seed before the morning started.

They were trying to be too clever, they were worried about getting goals. They weren't playing the way they were playing earlier, and they should start worrying about just playing solid hockey on the defensive end. Play hard, and the puck will go in the net for you.

We can't be worrying about that. The only thing we can do is worry about taking care of business for ourselves and see what happens.