We're a team that beats you 1-0 and 2-0. We're not a very high-scoring team. We pride ourselves on our defense.

I think the players that we have right now are very good. But one thing we don't have is that big-time scorer. We're going to be missing Piazza, but somebody's going to have to pick up his slack.

When we're 25 yards away from the goal, we have to score. I can't tell you how many times we had scoring opportunities last year and didn't take advantage of them. I think that loss to Lincoln-Way really frustrated a lot of people. We just couldn't score and it was a bad way to end the season. I think these guys remember that game and want to make up for it.

We did not end the season on a positive note. But, as always, we have high expectations. We have a lot of guys returning (from a team that finished 19-7-1 and won the conference title for the fourth-consecutive year) and we have quite a few skill-players.

He's well over 6-foot, and is very athletic and very smart. He wants to go to the University of Chicago which shows how smart he is.

Paul is our best player. He can score and he can distribute the ball. He plays top-notch midfielder and defender.