We needed to make a dramatic change in the way we approach welfare housing, ... There has been an increasing demand for welfare housing, while the actual supply of homes has continued to dwindle.

In Israel there are numerous building and expansion projects in areas with landscapes and habitats we hope to preserve.

I look at Likud and I see a party in suicide.

Undoubtedly it's historic ... The feeling that the Vatican itself is leading the way to all of the believers all over the world in changing the attitude towards Judaism and Jewish people.

We need to think of future generations, ... The need for 'green construction' in Israel is a serious concern for this ministry.

The adrenaline is flowing and he's totally focused in convincing Israeli public opinion of his just causes, in his agenda, in his achievements. Barak touched the innermost elements for peace in order to bring peace to the people of Israel.

The education portfolio, after defense, is the portfolio with the biggest budget. It affects every family in Israel, at every level. The Defense Ministry, by the way, also has major social aspects.

The need for environmental sanctions stems from the growth in building and development and the consequent lack of land.