Stay for me there; I will not fail / To meet thee in that hollow vale. / And think not much of my delay; / I am already on the way.

We expect the PC price war to intensify in the second quarter as Dell joins the battle, (and) we believe all (PC vendors), including Acer, will continue to suffer from declining average selling prices and margin erosion.

It's a football city, ... But between Crosby and the free agents, people feel the Penguins have a better chance at rebuilding. (The Steelers) are going to have to share fans this winter.

Then we shall rise and view ourselves with clearer eyes in that calm region where no night can hide us from each other's sight.

Nuremberg modernized the laws of war and created a denominator under which all citizens of the world could live and be judged. In doing so, Nuremberg launched the international human rights movement.

Nuremberg introduced the concept that individuals and states were subject to international law, including limits on sovereignty.

The El Paso hotel market did very good. El Paso hotels in general made money last year. I think we're going to see a decline in occupancy (this year) because we can only absorb about 200 rooms a year without decreasing occupancy, and it looks like there will be more than 200 rooms coming on line this year.

We do not believe that strong September sales mark the end of the peak season.

These kids have their own gang bible, just like I have a book of general statutes. And they have to study.