It's a time you're supposed to have joy and it's saddened it a lot. It's like something is missing from my heart.

The academies offer an excellent opportunity for those willing to rise to the challenges and rigors of a military education.

We should protect endangered species, but not at the expense of our property owners.

This is an example of what Father Paul always wanted to see. I know he is pleased right now.

I don't think the American public wants to see their gas tax money used for general appropriations, ... Hurricane relief ought to be a separate issue.

We can't afford to bottleneck our traffic in case there's a natural disaster, ... Just for the flow of traffic, I'd like to see them build the new bridge on the east side.

I urge all interested high school seniors to consider making an application to our nation's military service academies.

I want you all to invite me back for the 10 millionth.