I was really proud of the way the girls battled back tonight. Pine Bluff beat Camden in their first game and they were tough to beat but we kept our heads up and got the job done. This was a big, big win for us.

Making the state tournament has always been our top goal and we're just one win away from that now.

We're not expecting any easy games. As much as we've struggled, we know every game is going to be a fight to the finish.

We played so much better in the field. Haley Wells made a laid-out, diving catch in the outfield. Everyone took care of their business on defense and I was very pleased with that. Defense had been hurting us a lot.

This is a great day for me, and a great victory for the team also.

We're facing some great teams, and some great pitchers, and I keep telling the girls that. They have to keep their heads up, and they understand that. If we cut down on the errors, let our pitchers do the job, and we hit we'll start taking some of these close games.

They gave us a little help but we also came through with some big hits when we had runners on base.

Errors have hurt us all year long. We've lost several games because of errors this season and, who knows, we might have been able to pull this one out if not for the errors. It's getting frustrating. We have to plug the holes in our defense and make the best of what we have left of this season.

She (Johnson pitched a pretty good game. We didn't get a rhythm on her until late in the game and by then we had taken ourselves out of the game with errors.