This is an amazing accomplishment and speaks to the quality of education at your school.

She comes in and cuddles. She comes and eats and cuddles, especially since the cold weather.

I guess I like doing things for other kids who are sick. So I wanted to donate my hair to Wigs for Kids, for the kids that have cancer. I hope that someone will really enjoy it.

Receiving the Toby award for both a Class A building an an entire park is an exceptional honor.

It's a sad thing that you think this would happen in your own neighborhood. You think you're safe and everything. It's just sad.

The Liberty family is quite large -- in the past we have generally collected enough personal care items to meet the needs of the shelter's residents for nearly a year. Each year we are amazed at how many tenants participate in the drive, and we are so thankful that our tenants have been so generous and giving.