Hayley Williams
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"Hayley Nichole Williams" is an American singer and songwriter. She is the lead vocalist and occasional keyboardist of the American Rock music/rock band Paramore.

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We were the local band. That night was huge for us because we got to play with some of our favorite bands. Now, those guys are pretty good friends of ours. We still look up to them like we always have, though.

It definitely can be really hard being away from friends and family for so long. People expect you to be different when you come back. But I love it, I love coming home. I really want to start coming back here more often ? it's so fun.

I think all of us, at some point early on in our lives, knew that we wanted to create music. We are still really young and sometimes we do feel like we have to prove we're as great as all the rest of the bands -old and young. But we just do what we love and people seem to be really excited about it.

I mean, we did feel nervous, starting out, but I wouldn't say it was hard. We just did what we loved and thankfully it worked out for the best.