If the government plans to run roughshod over the legislative process to push through something that does not have support, then I think Albertans will speak loudly.

April 12 was a great day for defenders of Medicare. All Canadians should be breathing a little easier today. We are going to celebrate, thank our volunteers and then it is back to work watching out for the next privatization attempt.

I think that being able to pay to get medically necessary services quicker violates the Canada Health Act. It's legalizing queue-jumping.

I don't see any excuse for the federal government to wait, because the provincial government is certainly treating this document as a precursor to legislation.

The reality is more and more of us are on the other side of 40.

It's a welcome step, it's long overdue and it's important because Albertans need to know the full details of where the premier wants to go in health care and should be given the time to have good, thorough consultation before any legislation is tabled.