Harry Oliver
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"Harry Oliver" was an American humorist, artist, and Academy Awards/Academy Award nominated art director of films from the 1920s and 1930s. Besides his outstanding work in Hollywood, he is now best remembered for his humorous writings about the Southwestern United States/American Southwest, and his publication (1946–1964) of the Desert Rat Scrap Book, an irregular broadsheet devoted to the Southwest. He was born in Hastings, Minnesota and died in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California.

He is known for his Hollywood work as art director on the films Seventh Heaven (1927 film)/Seventh Heaven (1927) and Street Angel (1928 film)/Street Angel (1928), for which he was nominated for the very first Academy Awards, as well as set design or art direction on the films Ben-Hur (1925 film)/Ben Hur (1925), Sparrows (1926 film)/Sparrows (1926), Scarface (1932 film)/Scarface (1932), Viva Villa! (1934), Mark of the Vampire (1935), and The Good Earth (film)/The Good Earth (1937).

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I always thought it was my iron leg.

Everyone was jumping on top of me. Unfortunately my leg got caught up in a weird position, and I started to scream. Joe Gramke, a teammate who also had played at Moeller, started pulling off the people. Then I got out. That field goal was the greatest thrill of my life.

Jim O'Brien, who kicked that field goal in 1970 that won the Super Bowl for the Baltimore Colts, said that kick gave him his 15 minutes of fame. And it has lasted 25-plus years. I feel the same way.

There was a pretty good breeze, 15-20 mph, and kicking with it the ball was going 60 yards.

Coach [Dan] Devine had announced before that this was his last season at Notre Dame. So we were extra juiced for each game.

Behind me was the library with its huge mosaic of `Touchdown Jesus.' The ball went up and cleared the crossbar by 3 inches. I know that wind stopped at that second, and I'm convinced `Touchdown Jesus' gave the ball a little nudge to get it over.

Bill Siewe snapped to Tim Koegel.

Was a territorial match in the Midwest because Michigan was always good, a big rival.

I'm on the sidelines going through my normal routine, stretching, staying loose. I didn't notice the noise or the excitement. My focus was like tunnel vision.