Harry Nilsson
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"Harry Edward Nilsson III"

/ publisher= Canongate Books

/ location= Edinburgh

/ pages= 697–698

/ isbn= 1-84195-017-3}}), usually credited as "Nilsson", was an American singer-songwriter who achieved the peak of his commercial success in the early 1970s. He is known for the hit singles "Everybody's Talkin'" (1969), "Without You (Badfinger song)#Harry Nilsson version/Without You" (1971), and "Coconut (song)/Coconut" (1972). Nilsson also wrote the song "One (Harry Nilsson song)/One" made famous by the rock band Three Dog Night. He was one of the few major pop-rock recording artists of his era to achieve significant commercial success without ever performing major public concerts or undertaking regular tours.

He received Grammy Awards for two of his recordings; Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance/Best Contemporary Vocal Performance, Male in 1970 for "Everybody's Talkin'", a prominent song in the Academy Award-winning movie Midnight Cowboy, and Best Pop Vocal Performance, Male in 1973 for "Without You."

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That incident ruined my reputation for 10 years. Get one Beatle drunk and look what happens!

It was just a typical London flat, but it was in a great neighborhood. It was across from the Playboy Club, diagonally. From one balcony you could read the time from Big Ben, and from the other balcony you could watch the bunnies go up and down.

I was advised to have a manager so that year I had one. He suggested I accept the part. So I just went on and did what they told me. It was awful! (on his appearance on "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir).

I get nervous when they start shooting piano players.

Have babies! Have lots of babies! They're wonderful!

I was on acid and I looked at the trees and I realized that they all came to points, and the little branches came to points, and the houses came to point. I thought, 'Oh! Everything has a point, and if it doesn't, then there's a point to it.'