Harry Anderson
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"Harry Laverne Anderson" is an United States/American actor, screenwriter/writer, television director/director and magic (illusion)/magician. He is best known for the role of Judge Harry Stone on the 1984-1992 television series Night Court. In addition to eight appearances on Saturday Night Live between 1981 and 1985, Anderson had a recurring guest role as con man "Harry the Hat" on Cheers, toured extensively as a magician, and did several magic/comedy shows for broadcast, including Harry Anderson's Sideshow (1987).

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In most cases, we're talking about sleeping in an armchair for the night.

Is now the time to legalize prostitution?

They said if you need to get your people out, you have to do it yourself.

One doctor described it as 18th-century medicine.

That increases as miners go down due to rock temperature -- guess you're getting closer to hell.

Not a single living patient was left in the hospital.

This is another blow. But we're actually walking a little taller because of the heroism at some of our hospitals.

I don't know why he chose to post that. There was sufficient food and water in that hospital for at least another four days when we evacuated.

It's not the kind of PR you want. We haven't caught many breaks in the last several years.