Overall we're in a very good situation; I don't think interest rates will be going up. Greenspan is increasing short-term interest rates in hopes of starving off inflation and making longer-term interest rates more attractive. This is still an unbelievable situation. We have a buyers' market with historically low interest rates.

We need to wait a month or two until our finances are clear.

Tomorrow's successful technology professionals and leaders will be power users of technology, have a strong grasp of technology topics, and will integrate and work closely with other business executives and staff.

There are areas of the city where they intermittently have problems, ... It's strange. Sometimes one portable goes out and the other doesn't. It's baffling.

We do not see a significant positive catalyst in the near term, so we think the shares are likely to mark time until better visibility emerges into fiscal 2006 results.

The other thing is we did have a bubble in the '90s.

Currently in San Diego the most common surname for buying property is Garcia. Seven out of the top 10 buyers in San Diego county had Hispanic surnames. ... That is the future market.

There are more chefs per capita in Park City than in Paris. It's a very sophisticated place.

The beginning is fine for me as long as people don't use it as a public complaint meeting. But if it's at the end, people have to wait forever.