Gregg Zaun
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"Gregory Owen "Gregg" Zaun" is a retired professional baseball catcher. He played for nine different teams over sixteen seasons in Major League Baseball from 1995 until 2010, winning a 1997 World Series/World Series Championship in 1997. Since 2006 he has served as a Sports commentator/baseball analyst with Sportsnet in Canada.

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Even (Jay) Gibbons was saying as he came to the plate that he had never seen Tejada do that.

The situational hitting was the key. We moved runners really well tonight. We're becoming a little more aware of our shortcomings and identifying the situations where we can drive in runs without getting hits. Those are the ones you have to capitalize on.

Said Clement (13-5, 4.33 ERA). ''I had him.

We get another great opportunity to win that ballgame with my at-bat, and it's just unforgivable to not put a ball in play. You don't even need to get a hit. A lazy fly to the outfield wins that ballgame.

We really needed that win, especially coming from behind like that.

He's getting better every time and he's coming very quickly, ... Confidence is going to be a key thing for him down the road, but that will come as well. It's just a matter of time.

We had our chances tonight, we let it slip away.

We've been getting guys on base. We just haven't been driving anybody in. I think, from here on out, you'll see a little bit of a different team, offensively. We're probably going to play even smaller ball. ... Just get the job done and work as a group to score runs -- instead of one guy trying to do it all himself.

It's a big blow. It makes it a little tougher to make a serious run at things.