His thought process when he signed that deal was that he had a chance to be with the Red Sox for life. We had cautioned him at the time of the deal (that a trade was still possible), and that was our concern - we worry about the business side of things, and this is a business.

We are still in close contact with the Red Sox and they have told us they will do whatever they can to help meet David's demands. This is all about where David wants to finish his career and not about anything [negative] in Boston.

We really haven't discussed that. David's a professional. He knows he has a job to do.

I know David would still like to finish his career on the West Coast, but he has no plans to hold out. He plans to be in Florida with the team during Spring Training.

Whenever a trade happens, it's always a little shocking from the player's perspective.

David's a competitor. From David's perspective, not having the opportunity to compete until the middle of April is disappointing, that's what this is all about.