We've been told in no uncertain terms those bills are going to get shot down.

There will be no wholesale demolition of neighborhoods without consent.

We had to inspect 110,000 homes in six weeks, and I had nobody to send out to do the inspections. There's not exactly a handbook on that.

A lot of people are wigging out.

The fuels are so dry up here it will take a lot more than what we'll get this weekend to put this fire down.

Everyone said, 'Oh my God,' or whatever. He was very, very logical. What he's been doing is funnel all the information, prioritize the tasks.

If you can get to the Net, you can do business.

I think this signifies that a plan and a process to notify homeowners is finally in place that everyone is satisfied with. We can now begin the rebuilding process.

I don't know what else we can cut when we've already laid off all these people whose skills we could use right now.