There is no magic bullet, but natural gas gives us the time to transition to more efficient technology further down the track.

This is a wonderful step forward, ... The information from this updated survey creates new grant opportunities and possible tax incentives.

They bring a lot more baggage in these days, ... The pressures of society are stronger -- the drinking, the drugs, the social problems. They have to grow up faster and take on more responsibilities.

Overall there's a picture of a very aggressive movement to not only improve capacity and efficiency immediately but certainly build the framework for a new aviation system ... that will triple capacity.

Late this week or early next.

Clearly, we need to refine our oversight of repair stations -- specifically as they become more popular. The inspector general's concern is perhaps maybe those actions aren't as quick as they should be, but we are moving forward with due speed.

Facilities are always staffed to handle traffic safely.

We are now getting reports of a level of operational errors that had not been previously reported in the past. Because we are getting this information it is now helping us understand what are some of the lax practices and skills that need to be sharpened.

We had small pockets of weather to contend with in the Northeast and some wind at O'Hare, but overall we got off to a good start.