I couldn't be any more of proud of my team than I am right now. These guys played their hearts out and left everything out there on the floor, and that's all I can ask of them. We just got beat by a better team (Saturday night).

We've been using (Lucier) in relief. He has the ability to throw a number of pitches for strikes. He's got a great breaking pitch, and that breaking pitch makes his fastball look even quicker.

We aren't worried about anything except focusing on Grand Valley. We need to play our style against them and play good defensively and rebound well.

There's a difference between losing a game and getting beat. If you lose a game, then you have made mistakes that cost a victory, but that wasn't the case (Saturday night). We just got beat by a better team.

Nick has one of the better arms we've had here. We're not going to have another Brawn, hitting-wise, but defensively we should be OK.

I told my guys before the game that if this game was ugly it would be in our favor. I am just speechless. I have a bunch of guys in that locker room in there who just refuse to lose. What a great feeling this is.

Last year was the first time in about nine years we haven't made the playoffs. That's certainly a motivating factor.

Our focus is on Grand Valley, nothing else.

It's just getting innings in, and getting ready for 40 games in a month and a half.