I have had a few chances to play with Michelle, ... I think she is a sweet girl. She is a wonderful player, very strong and got great skills. But to me she is still a 16-year-old. When she talks to me she is like a little sister. We'll have fun playing together.

Going into today's round, I knew I would have to have my 'A' game. She was top class but I'm still pretty happy.

I hope I have that momentum going but this course is different from Mission Hills that it's going to require so many more different game plans, ... I'm glad this is a three-day event, because I have an extra day to rest and recuperate before I begin again, so it will definitely be a plus.

I was waiting for this day for the past six weeks, really working hard on my game and getting my strength back and waiting for that first day of the new season. And I had a little butterflies in my stomach this season starting off the round.

I'm very excited to be in the position that I'm in, ... Obviously, I had a sour finish last year but, you know, I'm leading again, and I hope to have a different story at the end of the tournament.

I was hitting it far, but I wasn't shooting 65.

I'm feeling good, ... For the last month or so I've been working very hard. I kept telling myself it's never too late to play well again, and I wanted to finish the season well. I'm glad that it's turning around.

I'm looking forward to this year and I'm happy and relieved to get the first round out of the way. Shooting a first score of 66, I'm very happy. I had a little butterflies in my stomach starting off the round. That is why I'm relieved.

She brings that much more interest to the game.