"Gloria Lee" was an airline flight attendant and a follower of Oahspe who became part of the 1950s contactee movement in 1953.

Lee claimed to be in telepathic communication with an Nordic aliens/entity known as JW, who lived on the planet Jupiter, and began to assemble a book of his spiritual teachings as dictated to her. At his direction she founded the Cosmon Research Foundation for the purpose of publication and study of JW's superhuman wisdom, much of which bore some resemblance to the 1882 teachings of Oahspe.

Membership in Lee's organization rose sharply after advertisements were regularly carried in Raymond A. Palmer/Ray Palmer's monthly occult magazine Fate (magazine)/Fate. She hit the contactee lecture circuit and attracted considerable public attention. During her lectures, Lee sold copies of her book of revelations, Why We Are Here! (1959). The year of her death, a second "JW" book was published, The Changing Conditions of Your World! (1962).

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I walked up to the customer, and said, 'I think I know what she wants,' ... They bought the rug and he never said another word about me not selling. He was born in America, but was an Armenian man from a different era. He adapted and accepted the idea of a daughter in a non-secretarial position, and he complimented me to everyone.

He wanted most to be remembered as a down-to-earth man, who just treated every customer fairly, ... I think he really enjoyed the business, and I think he missed his customers, but he enjoyed retirement, too.

That was pre-Sept. 11; that was another era.

I really wanted to go abroad to South Korea, the country of my heritage, in order to increase my fluency in the language and really become immersed in the culture, ... This experience would be perfect, I thought to myself, and I applied.

He hired me as a secretary.

I think he wanted to continue in football, maybe even try for a professional career, ... He was on a UW team with Elroy Hirsch.

It was all the shade I had, and now it's gone. I can't believe it fell.