"Glenn J. White" is Professor of Astronomy at the Open University, UK, and Research Group Leader of the Astronomy Group at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. He carries out research on star formation and on exoplanets.

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What it came down to today was that Council Rock played a little bit better than us.

I'm pleased how she's done moving into No. 2 singles in our lineup. Everybody is doing well so far, and I hope things continue to go that way.

The whole time she was on the phone to 911, she was kicking and beating the door, so they could hear it.

She had no clear recollection exactly why she woke up.

I have a brother who's a mechanical engineer. I'll have to give him a challenge early on after this, so he's got a year to do it.

We're going to have to design our own and come out next year.

It is sort of disappointing for my players to see that our players lost so quickly. I just tell our players to do what you can do in your own match.