"Glenn Jones",, is an United States/American Rhythm and blues/R&B/soul music/soul singing/singer.

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There's a very strong correlation between those data sets.

It was not uncommon for fishermen to catch 300-pound halibut at the turn of the century. Now it is commercially extinct.

It's very exciting and the students will be working in small groups to prepare for the tour, recording and collating information throughout the visit.

It's not because they're bad people. It's just life skills and substance abuse. I can only think of a handful of scofflaws.

The power of using the menus, is that you can take that relationship from the 1950s to today and extend it back 100 years in time.

If you have an individual that you know has been through the criminal system a number of times, then I try to look at what the source of that is. I think this court does a good job of identifying these mental-health and substance-abuse issues.

Back in the 1860s no one wanted to eat lobster.

It's kind of the last resort.