We've been so fortunate in Brenham that we've always had great kickers. Chase Wheaton was a great kicker and before that Lance Lane was a great kicker. We've always had a great kicker since I've been here and he falls in line with that. Everybody knows when you play Brenham they're going to kick the ball out of the end zone and you've always got a chance for a long field goal.

If he doesn't there's a bunch of people who have missed the boat. He may have really helped his case by what he did Friday night. There's no question that he can definitely help teams, and I think if they haven't, somebody needs to look at him. If he continues to have the year he's having, he won't have to worry. They'll find him.

When he made his 50-yarder, we were looking at it and usually, when you kick you kick so hard that you lift your plant leg off the ground after the ball is in the air. He never did, and that's because he didn't kick it as hard as he could. Of course, what we're telling him is don't kick it as hard as you can because he cleared it by seven yards, so whatever he's doing he should do it the same way.

Jason is a gifted athlete. He was a tremendous receiver as a freshman and a sophomore. He has great speed, he's tall in stature, he had good body strength and he catches the ball great. He's a really good soccer player also. He's a very talented kid.