We are making a horse race out of it for the first time in any state.

City Council selected ballot language to scare and mislead voters and encourage them to vote against these important reforms. That's illegal and undermines our democratic process. A fair and impartial election is the hallmark of democracy. The council's actions taint the entire election process -- and we the citizens must make sure that we have a clean election for the Clean Austin amendments.

They tell people that the language is sloppy and ask them not to risk a judge using those words to ban marriage as we know it.

Committee chairs attract thousands of dollars from the lobby firms, companies and high-powered lobbyists — and those people get access.

I stand with my back to hate, looking at literally thousands of Texans. While our right to love each other is put up for public vote, I am uplifted by this support.

The system has been corrupted for a long time.