The big boxing public recognizes Antonio Tarver for his win over Roy Jones, ... They definitely recognize me, too, for my win over Roy Jones. People have an opinion as to who is the best fighter between us two so that is why he and I wanted to get it settled.

The other day 16 of us went round to John's house to play a tournament on the PlayStation. We had loads of TVs set up and games going on at once. I don't mean to boast, but I won!

People believe that if Jones wins, he'll retire, ... If Tarver wins, he should fight me again unless he's a coward. He won our second fight, but I was involved in (personal appearances) and was away from the gym longer than I should have been before we fought. I won't let that happen again.

[As for George Khalid Jones, Johnson sees the fight as his first first step back on the right track.] Jones is a good fighter, a legitimate contender with decent power, ... But if that's all he's got, he's in trouble.

It's a horse race now.

Basically, it's like taking seven steps backward from what we're trying to achieve in the school system. If we start this City Schools Foundation, do we have to use that kind of money to fill the void, which doesn't help that situation at all? If we get this thing off the ground this first part of the year, and we start out in a $7 million hole, that's not going to help.

The big difference in this game is we learned to finish.

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