It is the wettest month in 104 years. It was 16 inches of rain, we have had 7 dams break, though there was no significant loss of property in those events.

Water was inches from the top at many dams and there were a lot of close calls, but I hope people in Connecticut knew we were on top of it.

We?ll tell Islander East that the Long Island Sound is not the Wild West, ... The costs for the state of Connecticut couldn?t be higher.

It actually meets a standard agreed to by New York, Connecticut and the EPA that doesn't need to be in place until 2014.

Our issue is that we didn't issue the permit or inspect the site, ... We saw the basin on the news, and saw the application on the desk for that. When we saw the mudslide, we knew something had to be done.

We had a lot of rain and a lot of luck. I am not pointing fingers at Massachusetts but the cards did not fall for them as they fell for us.

The federal standards are simply not good enough. If we can't get the federal government to act, then we have to take action in any way we can.

You can go 15 miles from here and see bald eagles along the Connecticut River. You can go outside this building and see peregrine falcons hunting in Bushnell Park. They nest on the Travelers Tower.

Islander East insists on a pipeline route that travels through some of the most precious and fragile natural resource areas of Long Island Sound.