Gilbert Arenas
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"Gilbert Jay Arenas, Jr." is an American professional basketball player who last played for the Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).

Arenas attended Grant High School (Los Angeles)/Grant High School in the Valley Glen district of Los Angeles, California, and accepted a scholarship offer to the University of Arizona late in his junior year. He entered the 2001 NBA Draft and was selected in the second round (31st pick) by the Golden State Warriors.

Arenas is a three-time List of NBA All-Stars/NBA All-Star, three-time member of the All-NBA Teams, and was voted the NBA Most Improved Player in the 2002–03 NBA season/2002–03 season. Arenas was most often nicknamed "Agent Zero," due to his former jersey number, but has increasingly been referred to as "Hibachi," a nod to the small Japanese barbequing device, which literally translates to "bowl of fire." Both names quickly became fan favorites in the Washington, D.C./Washington area during his time there.

Arenas was suspended for most of the 2009–10 season because of handgun violations stemming from an episode on December 24, 2009, and for subsequent actions that appeared to make light of this episode.

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In this league, it's about growing up. That's one of the areas I've got to grow up in. . . . Everyone knows I can score. Everyone knows I can do all these great things, but if you want to be an MVP in this league, you've got to do everything. I've just got to become a better defensive player.

We were a great rebounding team last year so teams are really making it a point to attack the boards on us, ... As guards, we're going to have to do a better job of boxing our man out and then getting back there and helping out. That's how we can get out running and get into our offense.

Everyone wants to play against the world champs and see where they stand as a team, ... We get a glimpse of them early to see where we stand as a basketball club. We're not at that level yet but we're trying to get there.

We've got to realize that these people lost everything they had. For some people they didn't have food or water for days. I'm just trying to do my part and help out as much as I can.

That's the coach's decision. I'm not the coach. I'm not the GM. . . . If that's his excuse for missing practices - to blame me - then I'm strong enough to take the responsibility.

Chucky hit those four 3s in a row to get us back in the game, ... We would never have been in the game if Chucky didn't step up.

I watched the replay five times and it wasn't a foul. It was a foul on him. I didn't even get the charge. He was falling before I even got there. When a rookie ref gets put in that situation -- somebody who weighs 215 going against somebody who weighs 165 -- it's an obvious call to make.