There was some talk of her playing again. We didn't think she'd actually do it, but we put the price up anyway.

The betting world thinks that we've got the best bloke in the game but that we're going to lose him to our old enemies as soon as we get home from Germany.

It is a bit of a danger series. South Africa have shown in the past they are competitive.

Ahtisaari ticks two of this year's most obvious boxes.

Total disarray, that's what's happened.

It was someone very closely associated to the stable and I know they have bet in plenty of places as well.

It won't be one of our better results on tennis, that's for sure.

We took a bet of $2500 on him straight away. By the time the count is held, West and Cousins may be very close together.

Simone looks set for the Dancing with the Stars equivalent of a golden duck.