I'm like an object lesson. I'm a poster child for maybe where they should go. I'm holding out my hand.

I want the poetry back in my life.

As a result of this activity, we have decided to restructure the Road Runner partnership and we have now begun that process of working with our cable partners.

Enough to validate the concept and to get us thinking about expansion.

It was an unbelievable metaphysical experience. You're entering their world.

One of the most exciting things about this transaction related to the music business, ... Through AOL and through the Internet, you have a worldwide opportunity to promote. The music business is built on signing new acts, and this new society has a vast field of which to choose. Also, music lends itself to the digital downloading and more efficient delivery of music.

One of the early things that we've seen is that this catapults the Warner Music Group. We're working on a structure that maximizes that.

I felt my own life experience could be helpful to other people, not only because of the death of my son, although there is so much about that.

Give new meaning to the American Dream.