Another rule: I took pictures of what intrigued me, but I didn't alter the pictures on the computer except to crop. And there are almost no people; it's more about scenery.

These are the rules for this. The first rule was I could only park for my walks in public places like this one.

We finally beat these guys up here. We had never been ahead by any margin like that after alternate shot and it would have been hard for a team to come back from such a dominating lead. I think we had a particularly strong team this year and matched up well. Our guys all played great.

We got our hopes up. We're all devastated about this. I'm just at a loss for words.

It is vitally important farmers remain confident and focused on producing and promoting top quality British meat.

Please say something about how much we appreciate the cooperation of the sheriff's office, the search and rescue teams and all the volunteers. I'd come home at night, but I spent two weeks up there. It's a rugged area.

Just remember to show some compassion. When you talk about firing a coach, you're not talking about how it affects one man. You're talking about how it impacts 14 families — the family of every assistant coach. You're talking about 30, 40, 50 people and a lot of them are children.

Well, the River Mart. You have to have the River Mart.