It's made us work closer together toward a goal, ... We've always had a good relationship.

If he did, I didn't know about it and he would have told me.

I think it was not an accident because he doesn't smoke, and if they said it wasn't electrical, what could have happened?

It was a disturbing case, I can say that. That was the one that visibly took a toll on the department. It's not just the time and effort involved. You are concerned about the victim's families and the victims themselves.

It was our greatest win, and our first, ... It was a long time coming.

You didn't tell me on that trip.

I told him angrily that I had been in front-line combat for over five months and no one would let me go back. Since he had just arrived, he sure as hell wasn't going back.

The investigation just never did produce any solid physical evidence of any kind.