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I'm getting out of Dodge.

Those are going to go a long way toward investing in transportation systems. But we also need the state to step up to the plate and fund their share of what needs to be done.

Imagine the traffic jam you've got. We're talking about several miles of debris going down the interstates.

There are vehicles tossed hither and yon just like throwing pick-up sticks.

The cities and counties throughout the state have done a lot of things to bring funding to the table.

In our analysis, knowing what the law is, there's not anything that could have been done.

Individuals who cannot afford health insurance coverage can still have access to appropriate care provided by free health clinics. We are pleased to be able to fund better access to healthcare for the uninsured and underinsured and to help limit one of the cost drivers of premiums for the insured -- that is the use of hospitals for non-emergency care by the uninsured.