"George Hanson" is a former United States/American basketball coach. Hanson was the head coach of the Minnesota Golden Gophers men's basketball/Minnesota Golden Gophers for the 1970-71 season, where he finished 11-13 and led the squad to a 5th place finish. Hanson resigned after one season and was replaced by Bill Musselman. Hanson played for the Gophers in the 1950s and was subsequently an assistant coach with John Kundla and Bill Fitch. He succeeded Fitch as Gophers coach in 1970.

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The worst thing you can have is a poorly drafted, ambiguous agreement that leads to years of litigation.

Instead of pressing hard with the bow, you press lightly and you go faster. That will affect the balance.

Thanks to some diligent music historians, we now understand that when you go back to the instruments of the day and discover how the tempos would be, how the balance would be, it changes your perception. You go for a more technical approach to the strings, use less pressure with the bow and more speed.

But Mozart has a whole different set of challenges. Mozart requires a particular sense of sound, and getting that sound out of a modern instrument after you have had years of playing Chopin and Liszt and big works like that, then Mozart becomes in a sense harder.

Steven is such an asset to this orchestra. Because he and I view so many aspects of music-making the same, it makes it easy for us. When I'm asking for a particular sound, he knows what I mean and he's able to communicate it technically to the string players. Steven has really helped me tremendously in our effort to make the Tucson Symphony strings sound like a major orchestra.